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Copiers & Multi-Function Products

Copiers and printers are designed for a particular workload. Generally as the unit speed goes up, the capability goes up, the initial investment goes up and the cost per copy goes down. The challenge is to find the “sweet spot”, that is, the balance between the initial investment and the recurring monthly costs.

In other words, the right equipment for the right job; this is the task of managing the prints and copies in an office environment - to get the maximum productivity for the lowest overall investment.

Copiers and MFP’s [Multi-Function copy, print, scan, fax Products] are now more imbedded in your network infrastructure than ever before with features like network faxing, collaborative sharing of copier stored documents, internet browsing from the MFP’s control-panel screen and a multitude of MFP-network apps available for specialty uses.

Clearly today’s MFP is an integral part of your network infrastructure and requires cross-discipline skills to operate as an efficient, effective tool in today’s office environment.

We provide this level of skill on a range of copiers and MFP’s from under 20 page per minute desktop units to commercial production copier-printer units over 130 pages per minute with complete binding and UV coating capabilities.



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